Winter Jazz Festival

Winter Jazz Fest was conceptualized and is presented by partners: Festival Producer Margot Natoli Event + Project Management and Sydney Improvised Music Association’s Executive Producer and CEO Amy Curl and Zoe Hauptmann, Artistic Director, who are responsible for the creative direction and music programming.

The Festival was designed to bring the city alive with gypsy swing and jazz-inspired soul, alongside bustling big bands and free improvisation in a kaleidoscopic program to excite and inspire made possible thanks to a CBD Activation Grant funded by the City of Sydney and Create NSW’s Play the City initiative, intended to enliven the city centre and boost the economy. We were set to deliver 100 performances across 90 days, but alias was cut COVID short one month into the programming delivery.

Press Release 3rd July 2021 “Winter Jazz Fest promises to amplify the message that the City is back in business” says Festival Producer Margot Natoli.  “The festival will economically benefit local businesses and provide employment opportunities to our city’s musician’s and creative industries. Not only will audiences get to hear unique musical performances in a multitude of venues, encouraging visitation into the Sydney CBD, it will also provide city workers and residents with a myriad of leisure time jazz entertainment”



  • Category: Festival Producer
  • Date: June, July, August 2021
  • Client: City of Sydney
  • Location: Sydney CBD
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